demi-hose.jpg Designer Vanessa Ryan is going to launch, "To-The Toss Goddes Collection", a new line of Fine Italian Hosiery. This new, shape wear collection, amazingly makes women to appear younger, slimmer with sexy looks.

Features of To-The Toss Godess Collection
a. The Demi-hose helps women reduce the the appearance of bulges and droop giving the appearance of a perfect figure.
b. It gives instant body-sculpting comfort
c. Designs are available in flattening colors, multiple contouring styles.
d. The designer's website is offering a holiday special of buy-one, get one free, for each online order.
e. The designer is currently offer 4 styles of footless hosiery.
f. The buy the "To-The-Toes Goddess collection, visit or call 1-877-611-7595