It is a known fact that hair needs air and moisture for healthy growth. Cotton pillow cases are said to be an unhealthy option since cotton is an absorbent fiber. It soaks up the natural moisture from hair and has an abrasive effect on new growth after hair loss from chemotherapy. To solve this problem, Neero & Ana has introduced their satin pillow case collection called the Satin Hydration Therapy. In fact, the American Cancer Society also recommends the use of satin pillow covers for chemotherapy patients

Highlights of Satin Hydration Therapy
a. This is a medicinal product meant for chemotherapy patients combating hair loss.
b. It can be used on all hair or skin type.
c. It repairs damaged hair and prevents wrinkles.
d. It retains the moisture and creams on the face of the sleeper.
e. It is made from 100 per cent acetate bridal satin derived from organic wood pulp or plant cellulose.
f. It contains the highest float count weave structure.
g. It is durable and can be used for a lifetime.
h. It comes in over 15 vibrant hues and in standard and king size.

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Starts at $29.99 each