Cleaning the ears and removing the accumulated wax can be painful for some and an unconscious action for others. But barring a few accidents where the eardrums are injured, it is usually an uneventful procedure. But this can turn into a fun past time with Coden's Ear Scopes. The Japanese company's new range of ear cleaning devices is used to clean the inside of the ear while viewing the entire procedure through a scope. The insides of the ears are well lit and the pick has a small camera fitted to it to transmit the pictures.

Product features
a. This device consists of an ear pick and a small video camera.
b. A person is able to see what is going on inside the ears.
c. It is also helpful in avoiding injuries in the eardrum.
d. Ear Scope GXL has a personal eyepiece that aids a person in seeing the action inside the ears.
e. The Ear Scope TV has a bigger LCD screen for better viewing.
f. The starting price of Ear Scopes is around $140.

Via: Engadget.com