SiaScope-skin-scanning-device.jpg Procter & Gamble is all set to release a skin-scanning device called SIAscope this winter into the US market. The SIAscope (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis Scope) helps to measure skin damage.

Product Features
a. The procedure involves passing a wand on the customer's face and the wand emits “pulses of light".
b. The light penetrates into the skin and bounces back.
c. The 3 molecules found in the skin are hemoglobin, melanin and collagen and the SIAscope measures the amount of change in them by the way the light bounced.
d. Changes in those molecules can be used to study the extent of the damage to the skin in that area.
e. Photo-size images of each area will pop up on a computer screen.

And finally, P&G “sells a cream” to correct that skin damage.