vitamin-c-showerhead.jpg Tired of eating fruits and taking supplements for vitamin C deficiency? Just take a shower. Sonaki has launched the innovative Vitamin C showerhead to give people a citrus fresh early morning shower. Though debate is still on about whether this is an effective alternative to eating fruits, this is nevertheless a revolutionary product. The company claims that this showerhead has a host of beneficial effects.

Product features
a. This showerhead with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C wakes a person up with a wonderfully tingling citric tang in the morning.
b. It removes almost 99 per cent of chlorine and chloramines from tap water.
c. It is good for dry or sensitive skin.
d. It reduces dandruff, improves hair quality and skin tone.
e. It comes with a hand-held showerhead, a mounting unit, a stainless steel shower hose and 2 Vitamin C cartridges.
f. It lasts for about 3-6 months or 10,000 litters of water depending on usage and quality of water.
g. Sonaki offers a variety of shower heads and each cost about $79 to $189 and a separate 5-pack of filters costs $49.
h. Each filter comes in a transparent cartridge case which makes it possible for the user to see when the vitamin crystals are over.
i. One filter can be used for about 3,000 litres of water.
j. It is also maintenance free.