silver-tag-shower.jpg There is now a shower that gives hydrotherapy a new meaning. Developed by Taylor Galyean, this shower delivers water to different parts of the body in different ways. Totally computerized, it is a take off on the legendary Swiss showers that are known for their high-pressure heads and therapeutic effects on the circulatory system.

Highlights of the Silver Tag Shower
a. This is a special show with 18 shower heads combined into 6 zones.
b. All the shower heads are electronically controlled.
c. They are connected to a computer with 2 touch screens.
d. Through the computer, the shower can be customized to meet individual requirements.
e. There is an attendant who inputs the size and preference of the guest.
f. The treatment takes just 5 minutes.
g. This shower relaxes and energizes a person.
h. It sprays water in a synchronized manner alternating between hot and cold, hard and soft.
i. Each shower head is wrapped in a blue, hand-blown glass escutcheon.