If you wish to cut routine and make a difference by giving unique gifts to your women this season, few gift idea's mentioned.

LG Steamwasher
a. Best suitable for daily tasks of washing, dry cleaning, ironing, with steam feature.
b. Eliminates folds and odors without using water or detergent.
c. It cleanses wool or rayon pieces safely.
d. Costs $1299; available for sale at Home Depot stores

Personalized stationary from Catie Didz
a. Stationary comes with drawings, where you can select body, head and activity to suit the person you would like to gift for.
b. There are about 400 types of drawings.
c. Costs $20 for each, to begin; To purchase call Catie Didz at (904) 629-0286

Scrapp'in Spin
a. It is handy product with numerous pockets to keep small to large items like scrapbook supplies, office carrying items, bath products or makeup products.
b. The smaller version of Scrapp'in costs $20 and bigger one costs $49; to order call (904) 215-1327

Purse Pleaser
a. It has many slots to keep items like cell phone, checkbook or cosmetic items. Can be fixed into any bag.
b. Costs $29.95, to pick 3 sizes of purse pleasers. To order call 1-800-440-8571