For those want to get the very best for their pets, here are few high-tech gadgets/ gift ideas for your pet.

Canine prescription lenses
a. Some older dogs may suffer from impaired vision, now Doggles is offering canine prescription lenses.
b. The corrective lenses are approved by veterinary doctors, and are offered for $75. Black lenses for blind dogs are also available.
c. For more information on it visit

The Careful Clipper
a. It is a pet nail clipper, fist of its kind.
b. The careful clipper has a flexible, snake-arm mounted with a headlamp that shines light through nails, enabling you to prevent cutting nerves.
c. Is priced at $14.99-$17.99. For more information visit

Heated Pet Bed
a. This is double-thermostat-controlled, therapeutic bed for cats and small dogs.
b. The heated pet bed's normal temperature is 102 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for pets.
c. The heated pet bed is priced at $59.95. For more information visit

Talk To Me Bird-Call Feeder
a. Its a bird feeder which makes sounds of 10 popular North American birds.
b. The Talk to me bird call feeder is weather proof.
c. Priced at $29.99 at

Bark Free Pro
a. This device releases ultrasonic sound ( which causes irritation to dogs ) that is only heard by dogs.
b. The Bark Free Pro is priced at $89.95 and is available at
c. The device comes in 2 models one which can transmit sound upto 30 ft and another upto 60 ft.

a. It is ingenious self-cleaning toilet, for your pets.
b. It requires cold water connection and drains into toilet.
c. Can be set up in bathroom or laundry room.
d. It costs $15 for a 60-flush bottle and is available at

Talk to me Treatball
a. With the Talk to me treatball, you can records 15 seconds message in a plastic ball.
b. When the cat or dog plays with the ball, the message plays.
c. Is priced at $14.99 to $19.99 and is available at