vibraslim-vibration-plate-exercise-machine.jpg Vibraslim V2 vibration plate exercise machine, a product developed after decades of research, has been launched by VibraSlim Fitness Equipment. The development of this technology has roots in scientific research originated with Soviet Space Program.

Cosmonauts who spend long duration in space lose bone density and muscle tissue as there is no gravity. To tide over the problem Russian scientist have developed Vibration Exercise technology, that successfully increased bone density and muscle tissue. Vibration Exercise technology has enabled Russians astronauts to stay in space for 420 days, which is an all time record.

a. It burns fat, cellulite and increases muscle strength, body metabolism etc.
b. Makes body flexible and develops bone density, boost human growth hormone.
c. The price of Vibraslim V2 vibration plate exercise machine is $1699 and can be ordered online.
d. Visit for more information on VibraSlim V2.
e. The company claims that a wide range of celebrities including Madonna, Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer and Sean 'Diddy' use the Vibraslim vibration plate