Bottled mineral water comes with a big drawback. Their potency decreases with time and also due to the fact that the vitamins and minerals are added to the water and then bottled. VIZ has a solution to this drawback. After years of research, they have come up with the VIZcap, which is a cap with a sealed, moisture-free chamber that contains effervescence to preserve potency. It indulges the senses since the consumer can see the ingredients being mixed and also hear the ‘pop’ sound when the plunger is pushed into the bottle.

Product Features
a. This is easy to use and tamper proof.
b. A person just needs to remove the seal and push the plunger into the bottle.
c. The vitamins and minerals are then released into the water.
d. Consumers get to view the mixing of the vitamins with their own eyes.
e. This device can be used to deliver powders, liquids, syrups, concentrates and even baby formula.
f. It can be used to deliver any vitamin, herbs, minerals, nutrients or supplements.
g. It can be used on 28mm, 38mm and 43mm bottles.