Brazilians are highly beauty conscious and quite willing to spend unconditionally on beauty products and procedures. It is no wonder that some of the best cosmetic surgeons come from this country. Here, we reveal some beauty techniques introduced in this country.

Popular Procedures
The Internal Bra
a. This was introduced in 1988 in the Brazilian market.
b. It is an invasive surgical procedure with minimal scarring around the areola.
c. Surgeons reshape and put a mesh over the glandular tissue and below it to give the effect of a breast permanently lifted by a bra.
d. It is an ideal solution for women seeking reduction in breast size.
e. According to US surgeons, this procedure enhances the outcome of breast lifting surgery.
f. However, this procedure does not replace the need for removal of excess skin and tissue in breast reconstruction.

Threadlift Surgery
a. This is still at the stage of research.
b. This surgery will rectify sagging breast tissue between an implant and the skin.
c. This is a less invasive procedure to replacing the whole implant.
d. This is ideal for patients whose implants remain in position while the skin around it sags.
e. This procedure can also be employed for facial rejuvenation.
f. However, this is a controversial procedure and does not have enough data to support its claims.

Permanent Botox
a. This will be an alternative to Botox injections for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
b. It will remove muscles that cause wrinkles.
c. It was first used on patients suffering from facial spasms.
d. Now, it is used in cosmetic reconstruction.
e. It requires the removal of a part of the orbital muscle that causes wrinkles.
f. Patient is fine in three week's time.
g. However, a possible side-effect is contour depression.