cosmetic-acupuncture.jpg According to an expert acupuncturist, cosmetic surgery is a popular solution to aging skin, sagging breasts etc, but it does not help you keep your skin healthy. He also quotes that there are many possible health risks with cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, cosmetic acupuncture is a natural and harmless solution to keep away from problems like aging skin, sagging breasts etc.

Procedure Highlights
a. Cosmetic acupuncture is an effective alternative to surgery and this safely improves the health of the skin.
b. Cosmetic acupuncture also reduces the effect of harmful free radicals.
c. The various procedures using acupuncture are completely non-invasive.
d. The cosmetic acupuncture offers treatments for breast lift, breast enhancement, face-lift, cellulite.
e. The price of the Cosmetic acupuncture treatment ranges from $50 to $150 and also on the type of treatment.

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