One of the major worry that a cancer patient suffers is the pain of disfigurement after removal of the tumor. This is a common problem and doctors try to reduce the chances of disfigurement in a patient suffering from cancer. At the same time, they face the challenge of curing the disease. Some patients go in for prescription creams while others prefer the curettage procedure. Excision is also another method tried by cancer patients. However, none of these methods are fool proof and the chances of disfigurement are high. But Dr. Fredrick Moh came to the aid of patients in the 1960s when he developed the micrographic surgery.

Procedure Review
a. This procedure entails the removal of cancer cells through surgery.
b. While the dressing is done on the wound, the removed tissues are examined and it is ascertained whether the cancer has been totally removed.
c. This process is repeated till the entire area is clean.
d. This procedure is used for removal of skin cancer from the head and neck and during this procedure normal tissues are not touched.
e. Here, surgeons make only a small incision on the skin and there is less chance of disfigurement.
f. Plastic surgery is also performed the same day to prevent scarring.