People who go in for a gender change are often subject to trauma and societal ridicule. The entire process itself can take years to complete. However, more than all this, the main problem for most people is the cost of the entire procedure which is highly expensive. Now, following in the steps of San Francisco, some of the global leaders providing employment, like General Motors, IBM, Eastman Kodak, Hallmark Cards and even the universities of Michigan and California have begun covering gender-reassignment surgical procedures and related care.

Program Features
a. San Francisco was the first state to offer comprehensive insurance coverage for gender transition.
b. Sex change operations cost up to $50,000.
c. According to a survey conducted by the Human Rights Campaign, 67 major companies now cover gender transition related costs.
d. A female-to-male transition, costs around $30,000 to $70,000.
e. A male-to-female transition costs about $50,000 to $67,000.
f. Insurance providers Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Health Net cover such procedures if the buyer is a company.