Plastic-Surgery-Korea-1505.jpgCosmetic surgery is one of the national obsessions of Korea and the other is fortune telling. Fortune- telling is a $200 million business in South Korea and more and more people are opting to undergo plastic surgery to improve their wealth and fortune.

In Korea and other Asian countries the art of Physiognomy, or the art of face reading, has been practiced for centuries - as a way of determining a person's future. So now people are manipulating their facial features to suit what’s considered lucky or fortunate.

Koreans also believe that personality is reflected in a person's facial features and that they are shaped by fate, genes and lifestyle. Some of the popular beliefs of fortune tellers in Korea are

1. Having Plump cheeks means that that money would not slip away

2. A nose with a straight bridge and distinct nodules, a slightly wide and protruding forehead, or sufficient cheekbones will bring wealth and the drive to take charge of their lives.

3. Bigger eyes and cherry lips - with the size of the upper and lower lips balanced are popular with women as they suggest happiness and love to come.

4. And for those wanting to ward off bad luck, the removal of dark spots - especially those under eyes, which are called "teardrops”, is a must.

Park Hyun, a plastic surgeon, said a middle-aged woman had once come to him requesting an upwardly curving chin. She believed that a transformed chin would bring peaceful and prosperous golden years - and surely would make her son give up gambling.

"I told her that it would hurt the harmony with the rest of her features," Park said, "but she still said, 'I don't care, just fix it.'