plastic-surgery-history.jpgCosmetic procedures dates back to 1890s, when there was advancement in the quality of anesthesia and sanitation to fix a nose. About 600 BC, Indian surgeon, Sushruta (considered as father of plastic surgery) jotted down tips for restoring damaged noses and ears, and cut skin from the cheek or forehead, and stick it to the severed part, and sew the ensemble back in place.

Romans in the 2nd century, reconstructed lost ears and noses of gladiators. In Europe, during the 15th century plastic surgery, remained a barbers domain. In the 1700's Inspired by tales of Indian Rhinoplasty, British surgeon, Joseph Carpue, tested the technique on cadavers and restored a missing nose in just over 15 minutes.

World War I drove more advances in plastic surgery. Trench warfare resulted in so many head and neck injuries that the U.S. military appointed 30 doctors to reconstruct shattered jaws, missing ears and lips and unrecognizable noses. WW II ushered in techniques to rebuild entire limbs, graft skin to extensive burns and advance the field of
hand surgery. These days out of 15.6 million plastic surgeries performed more than 10 million are cosmetic, with Liposuction topping the list.