Plastic surgery has been overtaken by technology. There are now new iPhone applications that are designed to give your body a total makeover. People contemplating plastic surgery can now get to know what their post-procedure look will be thanks to these apps. At present, a few of these apps, the Shafer Plastic Surgery App and the iSurgeon among others, are already out in the market and many more are on the anvil.

Highlights of the Shafer Plastic Surgery App
a. This was created by New York-based Dr. David Shafer.
b. This is meant for sophisticated, inquisitive and information seeking patients.
c. It has a database of more than 1,000 questions and answers about specific cosmetic surgery procedures.
d. It is available on Apple's iPhone App Store. There are 2 versions the Lite version and $2.99 version to buy.

Highlights of the iSurgeon
a. This has been developed by Miami-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer.
b. It combines a game mode that enables users to try their hand at surgery.
c. People can modify images through lip enhancements, breast augmentations and many other improvements.
d. Users can easily simulate plastic surgery by easily modifying face and body features on their phone including Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Buttlifts and Tummy Tucks.
e. It is available exclusively through the iTunes Store.
f. The website is

Highlights of Tanimania
a. This has been developed by a Tokyo based developer, Kayac.
b. It is available only on iPhone screens.
c. It is a breast enhancer that can make the breast look sexier.
d. The user can shoot someone’s portrait and adjust the image position so that it can be corrected as you expect.
e. The app also allows users to put a mole on her face virtually.
f. It is available at AppStore for $0.99.

Highlights of Dr. Denenberg's iPhone app
a. This is an intuitive new iPhone application developed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Denenberg.
b. It allows users to view hundreds of before-and-after photos.
c. Users can turn the iPhone around to take their own photos and email them to the doctor with their questions.
d. It is featured on, which contains a video of the app in operation, screenshots and instructions for using the app.
e. One can download the app from the iTunes App Store.
f. It runs on the iPhone and on the iPod touch.

a. Another iPhone app which allows users to view how they would look after plastic surgery
b. Visit to access this app