the-beverly-hills-shape-the-truth-about-plastic-surgery.jpg There are many things that patients often don't know about plastic surgery. They often opt for surgical enhancements with eyes wide shut without fully knowing what they are getting into. To help such people, Beverly Hills' plastic surgeon Stuart Linder, M.D., has come out with the book The Beverly Hills Shape: The Truth about Plastic Surgery. The author puts his 10 years of practical experience in the field into this book. This book will help patients find the right surgeon for their procedure and guide them through the entire process.

Highlights of The Beverly Hills Shape: The Truth about Plastic Surgery
a. This book contains questions that one should ask if considering plastic surgery.
b. The author lists questions that he himself would have asked if he was considering any surgical enhancements.
c. This book guides a person step-by-step through some basic questions like what to do if one is opting for breast augmentation, how to choose the right plastic surgeon, how to go about getting a tummy tuck or a sculpted body.
d. It encourages a patient to ask about their doctor's specialty and his success rate.
e. It also contains information about scars and scarring as a result of surgery.
f. It shatters many myths regarding breast augmentation and warns patients about discount offers.
g. It also has information about the changes that a woman's body undergoes over the years.
h. It enlightens readers about the effects of breastfeeding and pregnancy on the body.
i. It has useful information about male body sculpting.
j. It can be bought online from and

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