Cosmetic surgery comes with a host of associated risks. Now, women considering body enhancement surgery have a cheaper and safer alternative. Los Angeles celebrity surgeon Dr. Robert Rey has recently created a new range of body shapewear in association with Australian lingerie manufacturer Bruno Sciavi of Jupi Corporation.

New Lingerie Line Highlights
a. This is a new line of clothing that gives the wearer a sculpted look.
b. Dr. Rey has used his experience in re constructive surgery to come up with this collection.
c. It is a great alternative to body enhancing surgeries.
d. A person gets a new look instantly.
e. There are no side effects.
f. It is more cost effective than surgery.
g. It can give a butt lift and re sculpted thighs as well as a tummy trim.
h. It can help breast cancer patients who had undergone mastectomy.
i. The fabrics used in this collection are breathable and the bras are designed with surgical precision.
j. It will be available in Australians department stores by the end of 2007.
k. In the US, this collection will be available from September.