One of the few things that holds back people from undergoing the surgeries like tummy tuck or breast augmentation is the fear of post surgical pains. A cosmetic surgery clinic in Colorado 'Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery' is providing a simple solution to keep away the post –operative pains. The ON-Q Pain Relief Pump is a simple way of eliminating the pain associated with plastic surgery.


a. During the surgery a tiny tube is set to supply the local anesthetic continually into the surgical area for three to five days of time.
b. The medication through tiny tube mitigates the intensity of the pain around the surgical area with no side effects like nausea, drowsiness or constipation.
c. This small Pain Relief Pump is easily removed after the medication is over.
d. This technique will enable the patient to recover within a short period of time.
e. Unlike the other pain relief medications, this technique does not affect the other parts of the body except the surgical area.