Plastic-surgery-tales.jpg The world of plastic surgery is viewed as glamorous and sophisticated with so many stunning results. At the same time, the procedures are feared due to their invasive nature, the pain and possible side effects. This is what the public sees. Now, Dr. Robert Cooper has penned down his experiences as a plastic surgeon and penned down a book titled Plastic Surgery Tales: A Look Behind the Face of the Specialty. This book is probably the first of its kind and it reveals the behind-the-doors scenes of patients undergoing plastic surgery. The book has topics on bad plastic surgery and also some funny plastic surgery moments.

Book review
a. This book contains Dr Cooper's experiences in 20 years' of service.
b. The author reveals anecdotes about patients.
c. It is full of true, funny as well as tragic happenings.
d. It also contains the experiences of the author's colleagues.
e. The book reveals the hidden world of plastic surgery.
f. It costs $29.95 and can be bought online from