Autologous-platelet-gel.jpg Recuperation after surgery could be trying for patients. Not only is it painful but it also puts them at risk to hospital infections which can at times be fatal. But now a new gel is being developed that might accelerate the healing process. The Autologous Platelet Gel, made from the patient's blood, was tested by doctors and the results were extremely positive. This gel was also tested by researchers from Cincinnati University in the US whose findings were published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Major Benefits
a. Blood from a patient is processed in a special machine to make a concentrated plasma rich gel.
b. It is used as a protective coating on wounds.
c. It accelerates the post-surgical healing process.
d. It prevents the risk of hospital infection by reducing recuperation time.
e. 80 per cent of wounds heal after 2 weeks of regular application.
f. This is a better alternative to traditional antibiotics.
g. This gel could treat chronic ulcers developed by diabetes patients.