More and more people in the US are undergoing plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons. Regardless the age group (i.e. from teens to the old 60+) people are opting for various treatments like Botox, Restylane, Chemical Peels, and Tummy Tuck, Breast augmentation, Facelift and Liposuction etc. There has been an increasing trend and fears of bad results from plastic surgery have been subdued.

Growth Factors
a. The most important trend in plastic surgery is the reductions in scarring and the improved perfection in performing the procedures.
b. Many plastic surgery procedures have become very affordable for almost all sections in the society in the recent years.
c. Unlike the past years, the time for performing these procedures has been substantially decreased to 15 minutes to an hour or so.
d. It doesn't take much time for the patients to recover after any procedure. In some cases patients can go to their work immediately after their treatment.
e. Many patients are opting for non-invasive techniques, for instance a brow lift which 10 years back needs an incision extends from one ear to the other, but the new technique to perform a brow lift needs only 3-4 one-centimeter incisions.
f. For any procedure, there will be using almost local aesthesia except in the most complicated ones it is general anesthesia.
g. The possibility to side effects is minimized to significant extent.
h. Hollywood celebrities' undergoing various aesthetic procedures also one of the reasons for the growing trend in plastic surgeries.