Cosmetic procedure is big business in the US. In an attempt to identify the place where residents spend the most on such procedures, Forbes recently conducted a survey. In this survey, Salt Lake City has emerged as America's highest spending city for plastic surgery, beating big cities places like New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Survey Highlights
a. Plastic surgeons in US's 50 most populated cities were calculated.
b. Then the number of surgeons per 100,000 people was calculated.
c. Residents under the age of 18 and children were not included in the survey.
d. It was observed that in New York City, there were four surgeons per 100,000 people.
e. In Salt Lake City, there were six surgeons per 100,000 people.
f. However, it was concluded that this could be due to smaller populations in such places.
g. Medical or university programs and centers that focus on plastic surgery also contributes to this.
h. Another reason could be the influx of younger and more affluent residents into the smaller cities.
i. In 2006, Salt Lake City residents spent more than $2.2 million on hair coloring, $116,478 on hair growth products, more than $2.5 million on facial cosmetics and more than $4.4 million on skin-care products.