Thanks to President Obama's 1 trillion dollar Healthcare reform, people opting for plastic surgery might now have to pay a tax on it. The U.S Senate is contemplating this tax as a way to fund the reforms. However, there has been no official confirmation yet.

Highlights of the surgery tax
a. According to the proposal, the United States Senate could add a 10 per cent excise tax on cosmetic procedures that are not a medical necessity.
b. This tax may be levied on surgical procedures like breast enlargement, liposuction and nose jobs.
c. Procedures like Botox, injectables and tummy tucks will also come under this tax.
d. Mostly middle class Americans will bear the burden of this tax.
e. Surgeons are worried that this tax might act as a deterrent to people contemplating plastic surgery.
f. Critics also say that it would be discriminative against women aged 19-64.
g. This tax is at present levied in the state of New Jersey.