The current plastic surgery procedures available may go outdated in next few years, if the latest technologies on anvil is any indication. These novel technologies yet to break into the market have much promise for cosmetic industry.

Latest Cosmetic enhancement procedures

Scar-Free Healing: The drug named Juvista, currently under trials in UK could change the pace of scar healing, formed after surgery or injury. On injecting upon closing an incision the next day of surgery, Juvista has shown visible improvement in terms of scar appearance and shape. It can be used to prevent the development of scar.

Hair Cloning: Still under trials, on release could be an ultimate solution for baldness. In this procedure a sample of hair follicle is obtained from donor and follicle-inducing cells are isolated and multiplied in lab and re-planted into the patient's scalp. By follicle cloning, with one hair-follicle we can create numerous identical hairs to cover scalp area to any extent, facilitating a dense hair growth. In developing this technology researchers have successfully cloned
hairs in lab, but are unable to sustain the hair growth for more than a growth cycle.

A CAT scan for your smile: In coming days The Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System (i-CAT) could find place at the dentist's chair. It can produce 3-dimensional images in less than 1-minute. This gives a clear view to your dentist on the problem area (which is not possible with present
MRI technology) and thus aids them in diagnosing accurately.