Hydromedix Group, Inc. has special wraps that can provide hydrotherapy without any contact with water. This is good news for plastic surgery patients since it can fasten their healing process. These wraps incorporate all the benefits of water therapy and can be used for recovery as well as for preventive purposes.

Product Features
a. This technology is used to provide ice, hot water and whirlpools without any contact to water.
b. This is done through special wraps that can be fitted to different body parts.
c. Hot or cold water flows through tubes attached to the wraps.
d. The skin remains dry at all times.
e. It speeds up recovery and the healing process.
f. It can be helpful in the treatment of joint pains.
g. It is ideal for cold therapy to reduce swellings.
h. It is perfect for post operative care to prevent the formation of a hematoma.
i. Face masks and helmets that provide gentle pressure, a whirlpool sensation, cooling or heat can be used for post operative care of cosmetic surgery patients.
j. Breast reconstruction, liposuction and cardiac patients can gain from their breast abdomen wrap.
k. There are also compression garments with temperature control and massage for the hips and thighs.
l. These wraps are easy to operate and safe.