There is now a computer that measures the beauty of women. Developed by Post-doctoral ResearcherHatice Gunes and Dr Massimo Piccardi at the University of Technology in Sydney, this software is likely to help women make a better decision when going in for cosmetic surgery.

Highlights of the beauty detecting computer
a. Photographs of women are fed into the computer.
b. It then compares these photographs to pictures of actresses and benchmark celebrities like Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta Jones, Claudia Schiffer and other models.
c. Based on its assessment, it gives a beauty rating of between one and 10 to the photographs.
d. This depends on how many features and measurements are compared with the famous faces.
e. This software package was developed with 215 images of women of various ages, levels of attractiveness and ethnic backgrounds.
f. 50 volunteers who viewed the pictures gave each face a rating of between one and 10.
g. Scientists of the EpicScotland online photo library found that though the scores given varied, there were significant common features in what were considered to be the most beautiful faces.

Disadvantage of the software
It can be damaging for the aself esteem of sensitive people