Experts have found that Melanoma grows faster if the symptoms are all the same. In Melanoma cases where in the growth of tumor is thick, elevated and symmetrical, the skin cancer spreads fast. The study is conducted by the Cancer Center in East Melbourne (Australia) and is published in Archives of Dermatology.

Study findings
a. Cancer spreads faster in people with skin ulcers and those who do not have pigmentation.
b. The study revealed that tumor growth is very quick in males, aging population and in people, who have few moles.
c. The non-appearance of freckles (considered as risk factor for getting cancer) in people affected by fast growing Melanoma, is preventing early detection of cancer, by doctors.
e. Study has found that Melanomas that look bad (by shape, color) relatively grow slowly compared to good-looking Melanomas, study found.
f. In another significant finding, the researchers of Marie Curie Institute in Surrey have discovered switching mechanism in the melanoma cells, which is controlled by a gene named MITF. The level of activity of MITF determines up on whether cell divides and forms into tumor.