health-benefits-of-chewing-gum.jpg Many people are habitual gum chewers. No doubt it tastes great and it is a proven fact that it cleans our teeth. Now scientists say that it can be beneficial for health. Chewing gums enriched with health-boosting ingredients can be the next big thing. Scientists are now viewing gum as an alternative to pills, patches and syrups for getting prescription medicines into the human body. Since the early 1800s when it first made its appearance, the chewing gum has certainly come a long way.

Product Benefits
a. Chewing gum can make a person more alert and healthy.
b. Many companies are now trying to give properties to their chewing gum by adding properties to suppress appetite, cure headaches, fight cancer and ward off cavities.
c. In Europe and Asia, there are chewing gums containing green tea, phytoestrogens and calcium.
d. In 2006, Danish scientists discovered that people absorbed almost three times as much of the loratadine antihistamine ( used to cure allergies and colds ) when they chewed it as a gum.
e. Researchers at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research have found that the caffeine-laced gum named Stay Alert that contains 100 milligrams of the stimulant that can keep a person alert for almost 72 hours.
f. Chewing gum after meals stimulates saliva production and helps in fighting teeth decay and prevent bad breath.
g. Chewing gums is good for oral health and in turn decreases the risk of heart disease, premature birth and diabetes.
h. Research shows that it fastens the recovery of patients who have undergone colon surgery.
i. It boosts blood flow to the brain by almost 40%.
j. It helps in weight loss by suppressing appetite.