Can a software program rate beauty? Two Australian computer scientists seem to think so. Hatice Gunes and Massimo Piccardi from the University of Technology Sydney have developed this software. However, many are of the opinion that this software could greatly affect the self confidence of less attractive people, which is why Piccardi and Gunes have cautioned medical practitioners to use it according to their discretion.

Review of the new beauty detection technology
a. This software has the ability to distinguish a beautiful face from an unattractive one.
b. It takes facial measurements of individuals and compares it to ratios and images of models, actors and about 200 women from around the world.
c. It gives a face a rating from 1 to 20.
d. It could help plastic surgeons to improve their service to customers.
e. It has taken the scientists many years of research to develop this software.
f. At present, it can only asses a woman's features.
g. It has an extensive database of facial proportions taken from beautiful women all over the world.