stem-cells-research-for-cosmetic-applications.jpg Research is underway to study cosmetic applications of stem cell therapy. There have not been any significant breakthroughs achieved in this front. If successful stem cell therapy could revolutionize the cosmetic field. A few researchers are conducting studies to determine the benefits of stem cell therapy in cosmetic enhancements.

Stem cells for improving beauty
a. Natural hair growth is attained for bald men.
b. Using stem cells, we can develop tissue and specialized cell types, that enables to replace the damaged body parts.
c. Breast cancer patients, (whose breast is removed) can have natural replacement after mastectomy. Thus, currently used artificial breast implants (Silicone & Saline implants) become outdated. This is possible by deriving stem cells from one's own fat and creating a durable piece of replacement tissue.
d. Fat derived stem cells can be used for breast enlargement.
e. Stem cell derived from the body can also be used for face rejuvenation, warding of wrinkles, fine lines.
f. With advances in stem cell therapy, large scale skin replacement grafts, would be possible.
This would bring a great relief to chronic wound patients and those suffering from burns.

However, at this point of time, researchers predict that the fruits of stem cell therapy, would be enjoyed by the next generation.