uneven-skintone.jpg The researchers at The Urban Ethology, University of Vienna in Austria have found that wrinkles or fine lines are not the only clues to indicate, your age. Features such as uneven skin tone can add 10-12 years to your age.

Research Highlights
a. The researchers took digital photos of 169 Caucasian women between of 10 -70 years, of age.
b. A specialized morphing software is used to "drape" each subject's facial skin over a standardized model, in effect, taking 169 different skin tones and applying them to a common facial canvas.
c. During the process, they eliminated the potential age-defining features like facial furrows, lines and wrinkles.
d. Then researchers asked 430 observers to estimate each model's age and to rate her health and attractiveness.
e. The observers gave much higher ratings for attractiveness and health to models with the most even skin tone compared with blotchy-skin models. Plus, they judged the smoother-skin
models were younger.

UV damage is the prime cause that effects the person's skin tone, the researchers said.