For a long time now, researchers have been searching for a genetic link to breast cancer. Now, after studying 9 different genes, Australian researchers from Queensland Institute of Medical Research have zeroed in on Caspase 8. According to their studies, this gene is undoubtedly a validated low risk gene for breast cancer. Though there will be no immediate benefit from this discovery, researchers now have something concrete in their hands to fight this disease.

Highlights of Caspase 8
a. A genetic variation of this gene gives a woman protection against breast cancer.
b. Risk of breast cancer is reduced by almost 10 per cent.
c. 25 per cent of European women have a mutated variation that provides them with a little protection.
d. 2 per cent of European women have two other variations which raise their protection level by almost 100 per cent.
e. This is the first confirmed low risk gene for breast cancer.
f. It can raise the survival rate of breast cancer by almost 60 per cent.