magen-bio-sciences.jpg Magen BioSciences, a biotech company is making a pioneering effort to develop medications that can darken and lighten skin permanently. The research work is currently, headed by Dr.David Fisher of Boston. The company is researching on how people can avoid tanning salons and sun baths, by using products which can make skin dark or light permanently.

Study Highlights
a. Medications to be developed may eliminate the need of tanning anymore. Hence the risk of exposing to sun's harmful UV radiation is eliminated.
b. The method is relies on cell manipulation; that is if skin cells are manipulated, it can turn the skin pigmentation into either dark or light, as desired.
c. The technology if successfully developed could be used to treat multiple skin ailments, like age spots, stretch marks in women after pregnancy, etc. But the fruits of research to be seen is years away, says Dr.David Fisher.
d. The company has already raised $17.2 million, in just 10 months of operation.