Researchers have found that the women undergoing regular Mammogram test to detect breast cancer have both good and bad things that may happen to them. Mammogram screening can detect the tumors that are too small to be felt as lump, thus identifying cancer at a very early and treatable stage. The good thing about women undergoing regular mammogram screening test is, it reduces breast cancer mortality, by 15% compared to those who are not undergoing the similar test.

But the negative side of undergoing regular mammogram test is—women in a screened population are 30% more likely to be diagnosed and treated for a cancer that, in
absence of screening, would never have posed a threat to their health. In case of regular checkups it is very harmful due to over-diagnosis and over-treatment. The abnormal cells, found in milk ducts, in most cases shall never invade the surrounding breast tissue. The problem is
that many experts don't know which of these cancers shall progress and which won't. The result is all the women are diagnosed with DCIS and suggested to have lesions remove.