Researchers at The Cambridge University in the United Kingdom have figured out exactly what leads to a perfect walk. According to them, Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has the perfect hips to waist ratio to produce the perfect walk. While Marilyn Monroe fell a tad short of having the perfect walk. This study was conducted on behalf of Veet who manufactures hair removal creams. To calculate your wasit to hip ratio, click here

Highlights of the study
a. According to the mathematicians, the ratio between hips and waist is the main factor that affects a woman's walk.
b. The ratio of 0.7 is apparently the perfect one for a sexy sway in the walk.
c. This ratio gives the body the right torso strength to produce a more angular swing and bounce to the hips during walking.
d. A woman with a 25 in waist and 36 in hips would have the right proportions show off a sexy swagger as she walks.