Recently, scientists have claimed that they were able to re-grow a mans severed finger by applying an experimental powder. Known as 'pixie dust', this miracle powder apparently caused the finger to grow back to its original size and shape in 4 weeks and gave the finger nails and finger prints in just 4 months.

Highlights of 'pixie dust'
a. This is basically a collagen rich powder made from dried pig's bladder.
b. It is also popularly known as extra-cellular matrix.
c. It is made by scraping the cells from the lining of a pig's bladder.
d. After the cells are discarded, the remaining tissue is "cleaned" in acid and dried.
e. The powder stimulates tissues to grow from scratch rather than form scars.
f. It forms a kind of microscopic scaffolding for the body's own cells to build round.
g. Scientists are hopeful that this powder can help in cases of amputation and burns as well.
h. Plans to experiment if the technique will re-grow esophagus tissue removed in cancer patients are also on.
i. It was originally developed to aid in the regeneration of damaged ligaments in horses.
j. It is said to stimulate the body's natural healing process.
k. It sends out signals that cause the body's own cells to repair damaged tissues.
l. However, it is still not clear exactly how the powder works.

Photocredit: dailmail.co.uk