Physicist Ifor Samuel from the University of St.Andrews and Dermatology consultant James Ferguson at Ninewells Hospital Dundee, have developed a light-emitting adhesive patch that fights skin cancer. The technology, researchers believe could also be used for anti-aging treatments, for conditions such as acne, in coming days.

Patch Features
a. It is a metallic patch, identical to a bandage. The patch has a organic diode, that emits light when a low voltage electric current passes through it.
b. This technology is developed upon an existing method called photodynamic therapy treatment (PDT) that involves intense light combined with a pharmaceutical cream applied to the skin.
c. The device can be worn by the patient in fashion similar to a sticking plaster.
d. This light patch treatment is not suitable for serious forms of skin cancer. Rather it is best for less serious forms of skin cancer, only.