In a study conducted by the Department of Dermatology, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island, an 18-year-old was found suffering from an allergic reaction caused by the nickel in his cellphone headset.

Study Highlights
a. For several weeks before doctors identified the cause, the 18-year-old had suffered from a case of pruritic lichenified dermatitis on his lower abdomen and eczematous dermatitis on his extremities, flanks and face.
b. Patch testing disclosed a reaction to nickel. The patient had no reactions to other metals tested, including gold, cobalt, chromium, copper and palladium.
c. The patient suspected that his recurrent facial dermatitis was caused by increased contact with his cellphone. The headset tested strongly positive for free nickel.
d. He began using a cellphone that contained no nickel and his facial dermatitis cleared.
e. To confirm the testing, he resumed using his old cellphone and his dermatitis reappeared.
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