Worried about the effect that the numerous beauty and hygiene products she uses every day, Nicky Taylor decided to conduct an experiment on herself. For 40 days, she stopped using cosmetic or health care products. She also stopped taking baths and wore just three outfits - her running kit, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and one summer dress.

Experiment Highlights
a. Scientists from the Skin Research Centre at the University of Leeds took swabs from Nicky's armpits, mouth and groin to test levels of bacteria and yeasts.
b. Nicky stopped using beauty products, soaps, shampoos, etc for a period of six weeks.
c. She also stopped showering.
d. On the fourth day, there was an unpleasant body odor and her hair became unpleasant.
e. During the second week of the experiment, Nicky attended an event and nobody seemed to notice anything unpleasant about her.
f. By the third week, her hair was really greasy, her toenails had changed color and the skin on her hands was dry and peeling.
g. After the fourth week, a second set of tests were done on her.
h. It was seen that there were up to 5,000 times more bacteria in each of the areas tested. This was still within the normal parameters for a human being.
i. There were no signs of any harmful bacteria like E.coli or streptococcus.

Effects of the experiment after 4 weeks
a. She started feeling better physically and she had acquired a glow.
b. Her skin acquired a fresh and bright look.
c. Her longtime Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) seemed to get better.
d. A persistent cyst on her eye disappeared.
e. However, her hair remained greasy and her teeth were discolored and covered with plaque and she needed a dental filling.