An online survey undertaken by market research firm Harris Interactive to find out women's perception on facial cosmetic procedures, has revealed many interesting details. Most of the women participating in the survey have acknowledged that they prefer wrinkle fillers over surgical options to ward off the aging signs on face.

Study Findings
a. About 63% of the women have preferred non-invasive dermal fillers over invasive cosmetic procedures.
b. Survey has found that many women are not knowledgeable about the various cosmetic procedures available to ward off aging signs.
c. 44% of the women are scared of wrinkles and 41% viewed sagging skin as a issue of concern to them.
d. Women have said that those who have had cosmetic procedures done had an increased confidence level.
e. About 48% have said that they would approach a plastic surgeon for a cosmetic procedure and 36% would approach a dermatologist to undergo cosmetic procedure.
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