the-cigarette-century.jpg Tobacco companies introduced the light and ultra light version of cigarettes to offset the health problems associated with smoking normal cigarettes. However, this is just an illusion created by marketing professionals. According to a Senate committee hearing, "light" or "ultra light" cigarettes are as harmful to health as regular ones. Even manufacturer Philip Morris' internal memo reveals that tobacco companies have known this for years and this information is available in

Highlights of the Senate hearing
a. In the hearing, Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg released a 1975 unpublished internal memo from Philip Morris.
b. This memo reveals that the company was aware that the "smoking robot" tests about tar and nicotine levels were inaccurate.
c. The cigarette industry is based on this report.
d. These tests were from the Federal Trade Commission who admitted at the hearing to this subversion.
e. The book The Cigarette Century written by Harvard professor Allan M. Brandt, speaks about the history, culture, and politics of cigarette use in the United States. The book costs $36.00, to buy click here