The harmful effect of the sun's rays is well known. Now researchers from the Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus says that men and women react differently to the sun's rays. According to them, women's immune system is more adept at fighting the adverse effects of the sun. So, it is a relief that a new topical skin cream is being developed by the Arizona Cancer Center to offset these risks. The cream, Perillyl Alcohol, is still in the testing phase and it will be a few years before it is readily available in the market.

Research Study
a. This topical skin cream can be used to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
b. It can reduce and reverse the effects of photo damage.
c. It might help slow down the progression of melanoma.
d. The first phase of testing is over and the second phase is on.
e. It is expected to be introduced in the market after a few years.
f. Arizona Cancer Center is currently looking for healthy participants over the age of 18 for the testing.