stratagraft-skin-grafting.jpg There is good news for patients needing skin grafts. UW-Madison skin researcher Lynn Allen-Hoffmann has created a company which will be creating skin for graft patients. This skin will be available on demand. Seven year old Stratatech Corp. is the result of Allen-Hoffman's painstaking efforts.

Highlights of Stratatech Corp.
a. The research carried out by this company has been funded by federal research grants and private investment.
b. This company is developing 7 product lines.
c. They started human trials of its skin product in January 2007.
d. StrataGraft skin tissue has been used at the UW Hospital and the Arizona Burn & Trauma Center in Phoenix.
e. This is the only US company that uses a single line of human skin cells.
f. They grow their human skin cells into round patches in the size of of a petri dish.
g. It takes about one month for the cells to divide and form new skin.