Study conducted by Harvard University researcher David Sinclair and his team have discovered a molecule called Resveratrol that has remarkable property of eliminating obesity related problems, in obese people. This compound is found in Red Wine and skin of grapes.

Highlights of Reversatrol
a. Reversatrol prevents numerous diseases ( cancer, diabetes and heart diseases ) associated with aging.
b. The compound doesn't reduce obesity but eliminates the outcome of diseases associated with obesity.
c. The results shown by Resveratrol, worked well in mice, during the experimentation. But experts say that, more studies have to be conducted to determine if the compound works the same way in humans as in mice.
d. There is no data to show long term impact of the compound (negative effects) on regular usage.
e. The experiments if successful would help people who are overweight and cannot loose weight.
f. The research team is also working on looking into ways to control aging process.