According to a recent study conducted by Canadian researchers, people with many moles and freckles are more likely to develop eye cancer. This study, published in the April 2009 issue of the medical journal Ophthalmology, was conducted by Edmonton ophthalmologist Dr. Ezekiel Weis and his team from the University of Alberta and is the world's first conclusive study on the connection between skin blemishes and cancer of the iris, also known as Uveal cancer.

Highlights of the study
a. Researchers found that freckles or moles increase the chances of a person developing melanoma of the eye by 2 to 4 times.
b. This is because such people have a skin type that's predisposed to UV damage.
c. Researchers are of the view that wearing sunglasses could help.
d. As such, doctors need to be vigilant with patients who have many moles or freckles and warn them about sun exposure.
e. However, further research is required to determine what methods are most effective in preventing this rare eye cancer.

Highlights of Uveal cancer

a. This is a rare cancer.
b. It affects about 6 in a million people per year.
c. Elderly people, people who have light skin and eye color and people who sunburn easily are especially susceptible to it.
d. Mortality rate is 50 per cent.