two-green-clays-to-heal-Buruli-ulcer-lesions.jpg A study conducted by by two ASU professors has disclosed that two green clays (in the Ivory Coast) have wonderful powers to heal the disease Buruli ulcer lesions ( caused by bacteria related to leprosy and tuberculosis ). It is a disease caused by the bacterium 'Mycobacterium ulcerans' and it leads to malfunction of immune system, develop wound's infection and destroy fat tissue under the skin.

Study Findings
a. One of the two clays promotes the growth of bacteria and the other one prevents it from growing.
b. The study also said that the first clay makes it possible for the quick growth of normal skin bacteria and the second clay mars the toxins by activating immune system.
c. The researchers said that they need further research on the two clays to make them available for various applications.
d. A grant of $438, 970 has been secured for this research from the National Institutes of Health