women-plastic-surgery.jpg A research has revealed that a woman might feel the need to go in for plastic surgery due to their partner's attitude. Nasty remarks from partners about looks and physical beauty influence the decisions of a large number of women. This study was led by Dr Debra Gimlin, a sociology lecturer at Aberdeen University, and published in the journal Body & Society.

Study Highlights
a. 60 patients on both sides of the Atlantic were studied by the researchers.
b. 40 of these subjects were British and 20 Americans.
c. All the subjects were between the ages of 23 to 54.
d. Snide remarks from partners often influenced a woman's decision to go under the knife.
e. British women were likely not to tell friends and family about their surgery.
f. All the respondents were concerned with physical attractiveness.
g. Only British women admitted that they had undergone cosmetic surgery because their partner wanted them to.
h. Most US women went in for the surgery to please only themselves.
i. Most partners wanted to pay for the procedures.
j. Differences in health care also influenced a woman's decision to have surgery.