People who are thin are not necessarily healthy. According to Dr. Jimmy Bell, professor of molecular imaging, Imperial College, London, slim people can have deposits of fat around vital organs. This can lead to diseases like diabetes and cardiac problems. Dr. Bell's team studied almost 800 people with the help of MRI machines to come to this conclusion.

Dangers of internal fat
a. Internal fat around the heart, pancreas or liver are as dangerous as fat under the skin.
b. A controlled diet instead of exercise could lead to deposits of internal fat.
c. Even underweight people could have huge deposits of internal fat.
d. People with ideal Body Mass Index can have internal fat deposits.
e. It can cause diseases like diabetes and cardiac problems.
f. Out of 800 people studied, 45 per cent women and 60 per cent men with normal BMI had major internal fat deposits.
g. People with major internal fat deposits are more susceptible to obesity.
h. It adversely affects the body's communication systems.
i. It causes the body to stimulate the liver or pancreas to store more fat.
j. Exercise is a good way of getting rid of this fat.
k. However, the exact effect of this fat is not yet determined.